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Why Having LCM as a General Contractor is Better?

Posted in Decks & Fences, and Renovations

Why LCM as General Contractor?

LCM General Contractor is a division of LCM Property Services Inc. As a large corporation, LCM has over 100 hard working employees. This includes a large office staff, post construction cleaners, condominium maintenance workers, regional managers, quality control inspectors, estimators, several tradesmen and their construction manager. What makes LCM better as General Contractor?

Experience the Power of LCM

Hiring LCM for your next construction project instead of a small construction company means you get the full extent of all their resources and the momentum of a large company. Because of their size, LCM has the ability to take on large projects and get things done on time. With a large diverse group of construction workers, inevitable surprises common to construction, are easily handled without waiting for skilled workers to be located. The third benefit to having a bank of skilled workers is accelerated timelines. LCM can finish products quickly, without waiting days or weeks for different trades to be scheduled.

Good Estimators

LCM’s Dedicated estimators know their stuff. They are through and can give you a price for a project that covers the whole project. No one will approach you halfway through after stopping work to ask for more money. Most experts (Brian Boehmer and/or Mike Homes) would say “always get 3 estimates and don’t choose the lowest one.” You often get what you pay for. Get the company that provides you with value for your money. Hire LCM as your general contractor.

Quality Control

Everything LCM does, whether its new condominium post construction cleaning, commercial cleaning, fence or deck construction, or large renovations, it is all inspected by inhouse quality control inspectors, Ontario government inspectors (if required) and LCM project managers. That’s three more quality control checks than you would get with other small contractors. Isn’t quality one of the most important parts of any construction project?

Construction Awards

LCM has won multiple platinum and gold Readers Choice awards for quality construction including fences, decks, renovations, and new construction. They are also trusted members of Smart Reno by RBC Ventures or “preferred contractors.” In addition, LCM has received multiple 5 Star Google reviews for jobs well done.

LCM as General Contractor Award
LCM as General Contractor Reviews
LCM as General Contractor Trusted Contractor

Good Communication

The last important detail or benefit to hiring a corporation is communication. With a dedicated office staff, you get the added benefit of talking to a real person (during regular hours 10am – 6pm) who knows your projects and can direct your concerns quickly to the right person. No answering machines, no chasing down your contractor, just direct, clear communication always.

Experience LCM

Experience the difference with your next construction project. Call LCM General Contractor today for a free no obligation quote. Be among our satisfied customers that have raised the value of their homes with a job well done by LCM.