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Preparing to Build a Fence

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Things to Consider Before You Build

There is a lot more to building a fence than meets they eye. What will my neighbour think? Should I include them in my plans? What company should I get to build the fence? What type of fence design would be best? How high should it be, and what material should I use? What Bylaws or city ordinances apply to my plans? Where exactly is my property line? How do I go about finding my property line?

LCM General Contractor can help with good answers to all your questions about building a fence. Their large workforce of skilled workers makes them versatile and able to complete large projects quickly. Call for a free no obligation quote.

Speaking to Your Neighbour

For most people this will be the first step. There are many good reasons to talk to your neighbours before you begin a fence project. It’s important to understand that you are also building a barrier on your neighbour’s property, and it will impact them. Therefore, invite their opinion and at least collaborate a little about your plans. They may have some good ideas, and they may even contribute financially to the project. Sometimes making small compromises can go a long way to keeping your neighbours happy, so try and keep an open mind.

Hiring a company like LCM General Contractor can ease the mind of your neighbour. When they witness the level of professionalism of the company, they will be confident of the quality workmanship. LCM works hard to respect the property and safety of others during all their construction projects.

Establishing Your Property Line

Obviously, precisely knowing the location of your property line is important when building a fence. This is also something you may want to decide with your neighbor present to avoid future problems. City GIS maps can help as well as city zoning maps. You can also contact the city or township office for a copy of your lot survey plans.  With these tools and a tape measure, it should be easy to locate property lines. There are also apps available to pinpoint your land using your phones GPS. Ultimately, hiring an Ontario Land Surveyor is the best way to accurately find your property lines but that can cost between $1500 – $3000. As a homeowner, knowing this information should be part of preparing to build a fence, and is primarily your responsibility.

Fence Bylaws

City and Municipal Bylaws can help with location disputes as well as protect you from fences that would decrease your property value and look awful. For example, bylaws limit builders on types of material, and structural limits. This prevents your neighbour from using chipboard, or other unsightly materials that may ruin the look of the neighbourhood. Also, if someone decides to build a 30-foot “skyscraper” fence, bylaws will force them to be reasonable and bring it down to a standard height. Bylaws ensure that guides are in place to keep the whole city looking good, they promote higher property values, and keep people safe.

LCM agrees that bylaws need to be respected and construction designs must be made with them in mind. Every city has their own bylaws on fences and decks and although many are very similar, it’s imperative to know what each city expects.

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