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Practical Upgrades When You Plan to Renovate Your Bathroom

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Planing to Renovate Your Bathroom?

You have used your bathroom daily for years. Some things about your bathroom are practical, and others bother you to the point that you feel it’s time to renovate your bathroom. You are in a good position to understand what needs to be changed but most people are not aware of what’s possible. LCM Construction Services can help make your bathroom efficient and suited to your needs. It’s an investment that can add significant value to your home. Let us suggest some practical upgrades and improvements so that your renovation is a success.

Here are a few things our clients have appreciated.

Ventilation and Natural Light

If the option is available to you consider adding a window in or as close to the shower area as possible. Nothing is more effective for venting humidity as a window. Having it open even a little bit can draw moisture out of the area. A dry bathroom is a clean bathroom. Without proper ventilation mold and mildew can quickly develop and make it much harder to keep clean. A window also provides natural lighting making the area more inviting. And don’t worry, there are many options for privacy glass that will keep you covered.

No one gets excited about ventilation, but understand it is one of the most significant upgrades you can do to make your bathroom comfortable and safe. Therefore, don’t cheap out on the bathroom fan. Buy a good one and buy a quiet one. There is nothing more annoying than a vibrating fan that hums you awake each night. Have it installed by an LCM technician and they will make sure it’s vented properly.

If a window isn’t an option, you can still have a brighter space with new LED fixtures. LED’s last longer and come in many new forms. Light strips can change color and brightness to set any mood. Subtle recessed lights can add to the ambiance, and everything can be controlled by voice if you don’t want to get out of the bath.

Upgrade The Toilet

To save on space, consider a toilet with a hidden tank. Toilets that have the tank mounted inside a wall space are practical solutions for small bathrooms in apartments or condominiums. Their modern design makes them popular and many of their maintenance issues have been improved on making issues rare.

Just a few decades ago manufacturers of toilets didn’t provide consumers with many choices design wise. Today however, there are hundreds of different toilets to choose from. Many use much less water than traditional toilets, others have cleaning cycles. Prices for well designed, practical, luxury toilets are now within most people’s budgets. Unique water saving fixtures including toilets add value to your home.

Include a Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Installing a medicine cabinet over your vanity is a relatively inexpensive way to add hidden storage space to your bathroom. A little extra framing is all it takes to allow for it. Even load bearing walls can be adjusted using a simple wood or steel header. You will be surprised how much a 4’ medicine cabinet will hold! They look great to! Ask LCM about adding one to your bathroom today.

In-floor Heating or Infrared Heating

If during your bathroom renovation you are replacing the flooring, then use this opportunity to install in-floor heating. New and reliable in-floor systems are available at lower costs than in the past. They have become more efficient as well. Compared with conventional forced air, in-floor heating will save you money. Tiles often feel cold to the touch, but with in-floor heating systems they are warm and comfortable.

Another ingenious way to heat a bathroom is with Infrared Heating. An infrared panel mounts to a ceiling or wall and can be disguised as a picture or painting. You can even use an image of your own which the manufacturer will print on the panel. It’s a relatively new way to heat a room but very efficient and super comfortable as it heats up every surface in the area including tile, countertops, bathtub etc. Read more about Infrared Heating Here.

Go Tub-less

Unless you really need a tub, invest your money instead on a luxurious shower area. Tubs are less important these days for resale value, they’re no longer necessities according to real estate experts. Omitting a large tub in the design allows more space for a large but practical shower area. If you use the money you save buying a tub, you can add some cool features to your show stopping shower, like steam, full body jets, and/or a rain shower head. We recommend textured small tile or natural stone for the shower floor. This will give you some grip when things get wet and soapy. And don’t worry about the grout, we use mold resistant grout in such areas making cleaning easy.

If you need your bath, consider a smaller more practical designed tub. They use less water, are easier to clean, and they give you more space. Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to tubs.

Ready to Start Your Project?

LCM’s skilled workers and approved tradesmen are available to help you build the bathroom of your dreams. One that will be functional and beautiful for decades to come. Talk to us today about your bathroom renovation. You will be glad you did.