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Skilled Trades

General Contracting & Skilled Trades

Why hire a general contractor? Because a good contractor will make sure only licensed, skilled trades are used for your project. When only skilled tradespeople are used for plumbing, electrical and HVAC, your project will result in less headaches down the road. We make sure your job is done safely by licensed, skilled tradespeople.

LCM sources the best skilled trades so you don’t have to. Red Seal Trades like electricians, plumbers, and HVAC techs are among the most regulated in the country. And rightly so, because mistakes in their industry can cost lives.

LCM General Contracting has strong relationships with many skilled trades. Because LCM forged these relationships over years, it makes scheduling and organizing projects much easier. In other words, because LCM has such strong ties with skilled trades, your project will come together much more efficiently!

We Call Them When They’re Needed!

LCM Contracting calls the pros whenever their skills are needed. Licensed tradespeople never do work that requires a permit. This means that LCM makes sure the work is only ever done by licensed tradespeople. We make sure that all Provincial and Municipal regulations are always followed. This includes permits and inspections whenever needed.

Skilled Trades Electrician
Electrician installs residential receptacle